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Major power outage knocks out Northeastern U.S.

8/14/03 - A major power outage which has occured throughout most of the northeastern U.S. has disrupted more than 50 million customers. The main whitebus servers, located in Albany, NY, were shut down promptly shortly following the outage. The servers did not suffer any damage. (Thank goodness for UPS's!)

New domain name for Whitebus

The domain name whitebus.net has been registered for use and will eventually replace the current domain, wbus.net.

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Thunderstorm rocks Guilderland area

On Wednesday, August 7, a severe thunderstorm hit the Guilderland/Lone Pine area causing severe damage to houses and property.

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Partners Pool League begins October 13

The Partners Pool League begins its 2002-2003 season on October 13. Sign up will be $10 at Partners bar.

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Schools start, many kids unhappy

Many area schools have begun classes for the fall, leaving many local kids unhappy and parents relieved. We have talked to many kids about their feelings toward the new school year.

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Taco Bell's Border Bowl reviewed

Jim and Erik have tasted the new Zesty Chicken Border Bowl from Taco Bell and give it 2 thumbs up.

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