Taco Bell's Border Bowl reviewed
By Erik Halbrend - 9/14/02

Last Saturday, Sept. 7th, Jim Carignan and I took a trip to Amsterdam, NY to run some errands. Along the way we decided to "run for the border" and eat at the local Taco Bell. Inside, Jim and I had made up our minds to order something which I've seen on too many commercials; Taco Bell's Chicken Border Bowl.

The bowl was of decent size and depth, and contained chicken, fiesta salsa, three-cheese blend, lettuce, rice, beans, and crisp red tortilla strips. There was also a special sauce that came with the bowl that added a parmesan cheese-like flavour to the bowl. There was enough food to wrap around my perhipheral vision. Ok, ok, maybe there wasn't that much food but in combining the bowl with two tacos which I ordered seperatly, the meal was enough to leave me satisfied. Jim was satisfied too, saying "I liked it so much that I think I'll try the steak bowl next."

Overall, I throughly enjoyed the bowl, especially the fact that it was very hot and contained a lot of cheese. Jim and I were very happy with this product and give it two thumbs up.