Whitebus Help

Web Page Help


How do I get a Whitebus account?  Click here if you want to sign up for a Whitebus account.

How do I log into Whitebus?  You will need to download a program to connect to Whitebus, found here.  Once you have one of the programs, run it and enter your user name and password.

I am new to the Linux environment.  Can you give me some basic commands?  Click here for a nice list of basic Linux commands.

How can I read and write e-mails?  Type "pine" at the command prompt to run the e-mail program pine.  Most commands appear at the bottom of the screen and ^X stands for Ctrl-X.

How can I chat with other Whitebus members?  At the command prompt, type "ytalk [username1] [username2] [username3]" to chat with as many as 3 other members who are currently logged on Whitebus.  For example:

[user@wbus user]$ ytalk joe bob

How do I create a web page?  Type "setupwww" at the command prompt and a web directory called "public_html" will be created automatically.  Go to Web Page Help for more details.

How do I log off of Whitebus?  Type "logout" at the command prompt to log off.