Basic Linux Commands
* denotes command only on Whitebus
cd dir Change current directory to "dir"
* f List members currently logged on
finger List members currently logged on
* games List all games
* listen4 Show members you are listening for
* listen4 user1 user2 ... Listen for "user1", "user2", ...
logout Log off of system
ls List files in current directory
ls dir List files in directory "dir"
mkdir dir Create new directory "dir"
pico file Edit file "file"
pine Read/Write mail
rm file Remove file "file"
rmdir dir Remove directory "dir"
* setupwww Create new web page and web directory
* stoplistener Stop listening for everyone
* stoplistener user1 user2 ... Stop listening for user1, user2, ...
ytalk user1 user2 user3 Chat with up to 3 others users "user1", "user2", "user3"