Thunderstorm rocks Guilderland Area
By Erik Halbrend - 10/15/02

On Wednesday, August seventh, a severe thunderstorm hit parts of New York's capital region causing severe damage to houses and property. The storm hit around 3pm over the lone pine and Guilderland Center areas of Guilderland. A combination of high winds in excess of 60mph and torrential rain turned roads into ponds, uprooted trees, and caused widespread power outages.

The damage done to houses by the storm looked like something out of a movie. Large pine trees, some twice the height of houses, were knocked over onto houses leaving large gashes through the roof and in some cases, even crashing down through floors.

Nobody was killed in this storm, although one incident where a tree fell on an occupied vehicle left the driver injured. The following pictures show exactly what the affected area looked like on that day..

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