Well... it all started when my parents decided to have sex... It was the biggest mistake of their lives!:) But anyway... 9 monthes later, I came along! A few years passed and then Dianna (aka bob) entered my life in 4th grade! We automatically clicked! We are soulmates! The summer after 4th grade was the first time I was introduced to marijuana! This is when the fun began! Bob and I never really got in to trouble till last summer! We became rebels... Never followed rules cause we didnt have to! I mean last year we did get in some trouble but... this summer was the best! We were together 24/7 and we always did something fun and exciting! Everynight we snuck out of our houses, and that is how she met Adam! He was the first person to sneak us out together! We even "experimented" some things with good ol Adam... and some big black dog scarred the shit outta us, AND... I lost my shirt somewhere in the boonies! Then someone else snuck us out once too and that night was both of our first times having... sex. Then on August 22nd... we got caught! It was horrible! We were separated, but we still manage to keep it real! I have also had some good times without her, but not the same! In my free time i like to jump in front of cars and give old women heart attacks! My ideal guy is an old fat guy with old hairy balls and crust around his penis from fuckin dogs! And that is all for now! Have a GREAT day! Hope you enjoyed my story!

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