Dan's Webpage
hey this is dan. uh i prolly asked you to come here and if you found this then you gotta be really bored. i just wanna say hi to all my friends out there. you kno who ya are. not going to waste my time cuz i have so many friends. lol. i have aim and sinc ei prolly asked you here you prolly already know it but ill tell ya n e ways it bigbadmet. and i also have a yahoo screen name and that is also bigbadmet. i like to play sports baseball and football mosely.and i really dont know what much else to say so uhh just im me . oh yea by the way my e-mail adress is danny@whitebus.net e-mail me n e time you fell like cuz i alwaws get jusk and i want real mail.i need to do important stuff so get out of here.j/k bye

these are my favorite sport teams:

these are the teams and people i hate: